Pastoral care
The pastoral care service has various aspects:
Establishing initial contacts, listening, holding conversations, picking up crises, praying, accompanying religious rituals, networking with churches and mosques.
Three chaplains accredited by the national churches have access to the BAZ, where they maintain contacts with the asylum seekers.

Public relations

An important part of our work is raising awareness of the situation and concerns of asylum seekers. The OeSA provides information on these issues and facilitates open meetings by appointment. We are also happy to accept your requests for information events with school and confirmation classes. We also participate in church services on the subject of asylum and are open to media work.


Counseling and socio-diaconal support

Every day, employees meet, accompany and advise asylum seekers. They provide initial information on the asylum procedure and other (not financial) support. There is networking with legal counseling, the IOM return counseling center, churches, organizations and authorities.


Café meeting point
The starting point for these consultations is the café meeting place. Here, the asylum seekers are welcome guests with their concerns and questions and are supported by our employees as far as possible.
Over a cup of coffee and a snack, they can make contacts and talk to each other.
Child care

School children now come to lunch once a week. After lunch, they play in the large room or outside under the supervision of volunteers until classes begin in the afternoon.

Clothes drop-off
The clothing drop-off takes place on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00.
The OeSA is happy to accept donations of clothing, suitcases, travel bags and strollers by appointment.

Small project "First step

Employees of the OeSA support asylum seekers who are assigned to the surrounding cantons in the first steps of integration. Here, young refugees receive support with schoolwork, finding an apprenticeship and other tasks.


All offers are free of charge!