Welcome to the OeSA

The OeSA is supported by the regional churches of Northwestern Switzerland, the Evangelical Methodist Church BS and individual parishes and parishes and is supported by private members and donations.
The task of the OeSA is to welcome newly arrived asylum seekers and offer them a sympathetic ear.
All people, regardless of their origin or religion, can take advantage of the OeSA's help. The basic idea of the OeSA is based on the fundamental human right to equal treatment.

The OeSA offers a pastoral care service in the various federal asylum centers and temporary accommodation facilities in north-western Switzerland. Wherever possible, each accommodation is visited by a chaplain at least once a week.
The permanent staff team consists of 180% full-time employees. In addition, around 40 volunteers from various countries support the daily work in all other services. Thanks to our multicultural composition, we are able to reach as many asylum seekers as possible.